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                                         63 Forest Plots       24 Countries       6 Million Trees       10,000 Species          

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The Center for Tropical Forest Science - Forest Global Earth Observatory (CTFS-ForestGEO) is a global network of forest research plots and scientists dedicated to the study of tropical and temperate forest function and diversity. The multi-institutional network comprises over 60 forest research plots across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe, with a strong focus on tropical regions. CTFS-ForestGEO monitors the growth and survival of approximately 6 million trees and 10,000 species.

CTFS-ForestGEO conducts long-term, large-scale research on forests around the world to:

  • Increase scientific understanding of forest ecosystems
  • Guide sustainable forest management and natural-resource policies
  • Monitor the impacts of global climate change
  • Build capacity in forest science










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November 25, 2015
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November 05, 2015
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October 06, 2015