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In 2012, five new plots were added to the TPN, spanning a diversity of sites, scientists, and research potential (Appendix A). 

The University of California Santa Cruz Forest Ecology Research Plot (UCSC-FERP), marks an extension of a teaching plot adjacent to UCSC. 

The Zofín Forest Dynamics Plot, in southern Czech Republic, is a 25 ha. plot set within a larger research plot (75 ha.) that has had stems >10cm DBH measured since 1972. 

The Indiana University Forest Dynamics Plot (IUFDP) is located at Indiana University’s Lilly Dickey Woods in Nashville, Indiana. This 25 ha. plot is an expansion of a research plot installed by Dan Johnson in 2009-2010. 

2013 will see a new plot at the Tyson Research Center (TRC-FDP) established to study drought effects on forets. This plot, run by Jonathan Myers (Washington University, St. Louis) will consist of 25 ha. of hardwood forest in the northern Ozark Mountains in Missouri. Interestingly, four ha of this plot were first installed in 1981, following the published protocol that Steve Hubbell and Robin Foster implemented at the SIGEO network’s first site at BCI, Panama. 

Boreal Network
The potential to build a boreal network is worth considering now, especially as such plots might quickly translate into sources of substantial funding (e.g., NSF, NERC, DOE). Jennifer Baltzer at Wilfrid Laurier University is installing a plot at Scotty Creek, NW Territory, and is investigating several potential future plots that constitute a transect towards the tundra region.


                                                                              Map of current (Scotty Creek) and potential plots 
                                                                          that could be converted into a CTFS-SIGEO Boreal program.
How do I access CTFS-SIGEO data?
If you are interested in obtaining CTFS-SIGEO data you must contact the PIs directly to request permission and access on a site by site basis. Follow the guidelines provided by each site. Recognize that the researchers who gathered these data may be using them for scientific analyses, papers or publications that are currently planned or in preparation, and that such activities have precedence over any that that you might wish to prepare.
In the CTFS-SIGEO website you will find some datasets that have already published, and that are available to download without requesting permission. For the use of this data, we request that the time, efforts and intellect invested are acknowledged appropriately in the following ways.
(1) for sparse use of the published data, make sure you cite the source properly
(2) for more intensive use of the data please notify the principal investigators of the site/s of interest. Indicate that you are planning to use these data in a publication, and provide them with formal recognition that, at their discretion, may include invitation to contribute intellectually to the publication, co-authorship or proper citation.