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ForestGEO Celebrates International Women & Girls in Science Day 2021

Women are a critical part of the ForestGEO network every day.  And on International Women & Girls in Science Day (February 11, 2021), we couldn't resist amplifying some of their most recent work.

Iveren Abiem

Iveren Abiem (PI of the Ngel Nyaki FDP) has just completed her PhD in ecology from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Read the abstract: The role of negative density dependence in shaping species distributions in Tropical Afromontane Forest

KC Cushman

KC Cushman reviewed more than 200 studies (covering thousands of plots) to obtain climate data for a  New Phytologist Tansley Review on carbon accounting in the tropics. Oh, and the paper? Authored by an all-woman team, including ForestGEO staff scientists Helene Muller-Landau (lead author) and Kristina Anderson-Teixeira.

Read more: "Reducing uncertainty: Smithsonian scientists reduce uncertainty in forest carbon storage calculations"

Read the Tansley Review: "Patterns and mechanisms of spatial variation in tropical forest productivity, woody residence time, and biomass"

Melina de Souza Leite

Melina de Souza Leite is currently analyzing data from 19 FDPs to disentangle the contributions of species, space, and time to the variability of tree vital rates across global forests. She recently contributed to a PNAS article on tree longevity & growth.

Read more in Portugese: "Árvores tropicais vivem menos"

Read more in English: "Critical temperature threshold spells shorter lives for tropical trees"

Read the article: "Global tree-ring analysis reveals rapid decrease in tropical tree longevity with temperature"