Diversity, abundance and morphological variations of the Xanthopimpla (Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) in different forest habitats

The diversity and abundance of Xanthopimpla (Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) in the secondary and primary forest of Pasoh Forest Reserve (PFR) were studied. A total of 44 individuals of Xanthopimpla and 16 species were recorded. Fifteen species were recorded from the primary forest and only seven species were recorded from the secondary forest. The X. disjunta, X. guptai maculibasis and X. verrucula verrucula were new records for Malaysia. Meanwhile, X. pleurosticta was new record for Peninsular Malaysia. Shannon Diversity Index (H’) indicated that the Xanthopimpla diversity at the primary forest was significantly higher (p0.05) higher than secondary forest. The species domination in the secondary forest was more pronounced compared to the primary forest. In the secondary forests, X. elegans elegans (30.0%) was the highest percentage of total species representation which was higher compared with X. melanacantha melanacantha (16.7%) and X. honorata honorata (16.7%) in the primary forest. This suggests that logging activity would cause disappearance of certain species of Xanthopimpla and at the same time might have provided an opportunity for some species to be dominant over the other species of Xanthopimpla and at the same time might have provided an opportunity for some species to be dominant over the other species. The evolution of the Xanthopimpla in term of morphological characters changes were also discussed in this paper.

Kelimpahan dan kepelbagaian Xanthopimpla (Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) di hutan primer dan sekunder Hutan Simpan Pasoh (PFR) telah dikaji. Sejumlah 44 individu Xanthopimpla dan 16 spesies telah direkod. Lima belas spesies telah berjaya direkod daripada hutan primer dan hanya tujuh spesies direkod daripada hutan sekunder. Spesies Xanthopimpla disjunta, X. guptai maculibasis dan X. verrucula verrucula adalah rekod baru untuk Malaysia. Manakala, X. pleurosticta adalah rekod baru untuk Semenanjung Malaysia. Indeks Kepelbagaian Shannon (H’) menunjukkan kepelbagaian Xanthopimpla di hutan primer adalah lebih tinggi dengan bererti (p>0.05). Spesies dominan di hutan sekunder adalah lebih nyata berbanding hutan primer. Di hutan sekunder, X. elegans elegans (30.0%) meliputi peratusan kelimpahan tertinggi dan jauh lebih tinggi berbanding X. melanacantha melanacantha (16.7%) dan X. honorata honorata (16.7%) di hutan primer. Hasil kajian ini mencadangkan aktiviti pembalakan berupaya menyebabkan kehilangan spesies serangga tertentu dan pada masa yang sama menyumbang kepada spesies tertentu untuk menjadi dominan. Evolusi Xanthopimpla daripada segi perubahan morfologi juga dibincangkan dalam makalah ini.

Abstract in English and Malay; article in English only.

Y.F. Ng & A.B. Idris
Sains Malaysiana