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Postdoctoral Fellow

Smithsonian Institution

The response of forests to climate change will have profound effects on future global patterns of temperature and rainfall. Predicting the future of forests under climate change will be advanced through the synthesis of decades of forest monitoring data produced by the Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) network. Delivering these findings through an online dashboard for Forest Health will support policy and decision making by providing real-time, verifiable estimates of forest carbon stocks, trajectories of forest change, and projections of likely future changes in response to climate change.

Position: Smithsonian Climate Change Fellow: Global synthesis of ForestGEO data to accelerate understanding and support policy on the response of forests to climate change

Term: 12-24 months, ideally to begin before March 1, 2023

Compensation: stipend of $62,000 per year; research allowance of up to $5,000

*Applications DUE August 31, 2022.

Potential Research Themes: ForestGEO seeks postdoctoral fellows to leverage the extraordinary scientific resources of the Smithsonian Institution and ForestGEO to accelerate scientific and societal understanding of the response and feedbacks between forests and climate. ForestGEO seeks postdoctoral fellows working at the forefront of forest science Proposals should outline a series of key questions on the response of forests to climate change that can be addressed with the ForestGEO data.

Advisors: Fellows will work with the ForestGEO research team which includes Helene Muller-Landau, David Kenfack & Stuart Davies from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), Sean McMahon from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), and Kristina Anderson-Teixeira from the National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI). The fellow will join a diverse team of postdoctoral fellows and interns, and will interact closely with the international ForestGEO science community, participating in international workshops and training opportunities.

To read a full position description for the Global Synthesis of ForestGEO Data Fellowship, please see this link.

This Global Synthesis of ForestGEO Data Fellowship is part of a new Smithsonian initiative, Our Shared Future: Life on a Sustainable Planet Through this program, the Smithsonian aims to advance solutions that fill us with optimism for our planet and all species that call our planet home. As part of this initiative, the Smithsonian is launching two new fellowship programs: Smithsonian Climate Change Fellowship and Smithsonian Environmental Justice Fellowship. Each program will support a cohort of 2-5 fellows for a period of two years. Fellows will receive a stipend to conduct independent research that utilizes Smithsonian resources (e.g., data, facilities, expertise). Fellows with research projects that have the potential to produce rapid results and impact are especially encouraged to apply.

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