bci field station in panama

Barro Colorado Island


Soil Maps

On this webpage you can find copies of soil maps showing the estimated concentrations (mg/Kg) of base cations, extractable P, and ammonium and nitrate for the BCI 50 ha Forest Dynamics Plot. Kriged estimates for the 20 x 20 m quadrats are available in this excel file. A copy of the protocol used for the sampling of the plot, collection and chemical analysis of soil samples is available here

If you plan to use these data in a publication then please acknowledge the PIs responsible for collecting and analyzing this data (Jim Dalling, Robert John, Kyle Harms, Robert Stallard and Joe Yavitt) and cite this website as the source of your data. 

Please also acknowledge our funding sources and field assistants:

  • NSF DEB021104,021115, 0212284,0212818 and OISE 0314581 
  • STRI Soils Initiative and CTFS
  • Thanks to Paolo Segre and Juan Di Trani for assistance in the field

We strongly encourage you to contact us (dallingj@life.uiuc.edu) to discuss your use of these data in detail.

This is a topographic map of Barro Colorado Island.