tropical forest




This timeline marks key moments in our organizational history from 1980-2021, with a focus on: 
  • the first census using ForestGEO methodology for each plot
  • important meetings 
  • administrative changes 
  • partnerships
  • new programs

Document Gallery 

This collection of maps, newsletter articles, and methodology guides illustrate our approach to global forest science: international collaboration, rigorous methods, and capacity building. 

The documents are arranged chronologically and include broader historical context for the selected image in each caption.   

NOTE: Do you have documents or photographs from your site that you'd like to share in the Document Gallery?  Please reach out with an e-mail to

"ForestGEO: Understanding Forest Diversity and Dynamics through a Global Observatory Network"

This paper, by Davies, et al., serves as an important review of our network's history, methods, contributions to forest science, and future directions.

Thank you to all PIs, census leaders, and technicians who provided us with census dates and to the Smithsonian Archives for their support of our history research endeavors.