珍稀濒危植物紫茎群落树种的种间联结性 / Interspecific Correlations among Tree Species in the Stewartia sinensis Community in Qianjiangyuan National Park, Zhejiang Province

为了给珍稀濒危植物紫茎(Stewartia sinensis)的科学保育提供依据,通过方差比率法、Pearson相关系数检验、Spearman秩相关系数检验,对古田山自然保护区紫茎群落内66个树种进行了种间关联与相关性分析。3种检验的结果表现出一致性,正负关联比均大于1,说明各树种联系紧密,群落的结构和功能趋于完善。而紫茎与大部分树种无相关关系,说明紫茎在群落中可能处于一个相对独立的地位。与紫茎呈负相关关系的树种主要是白檀 (Symplocos paniculata)、檫木(Sassafras tzumu)和山鸡椒(Litsea cubeba)等9个树种,可能与紫茎存在着较强的种间竞争,建议后期采取适当择伐的抚育方式为紫茎缓和种间竞争,营造良好的生长环境。

In order to quantitatively analyze the relationships between Stewartia sinensis and other species and provide suggestions about the protection of this rare species, interspecific relationships in the typical evergreen broad-leaved communities of Stewartia sinensis were studied based on field data from three plots of 400 m~2 in Gutianshan National Nature Reserve. All 66 tree species in the communities were selected and variance ratio (VR) analysis of the overall association, Pearson correlation coefficient test, and Spearman rank correlation coefficient test were performed. In the three test methods above, the ratios of positive and negative correlations were all greater than 1, indicating that species closely interacted with each other and the structure and function of the Stewartia sinensis communities were tending toward mature. Stewartia sinensis didn't develop relationships with most of species, suggesting that Stewartia sinensis had a relative independent status in the communities. Particularly, there were nine species which were negatively related with Stewartia sinensis,including Symplocos paniculata, Sassafras tzumu, Litsea cubeba and so on. This suggested the competitive relationships between Stewartia sinensis and the nine species. Selective cutting may be required to moderate the interspecific competition and build a suitable habitats for Stewartia sinensis.

Abstract in Chinese and English, article in Chinese only

董瑞瑞, 唐战胜, 陈建华, 叶铎, 陈声文, 芦伟, 郑振杰 / R. Dong, Z. Tang, J. Chen, D. Ye, S. Chen, W. Lu, & Z. Zheng
安徽农业科学 / Journal of Anhui Agricultural Sciences