广西弄岗喀斯特季节性雨林 333 种藤本种子植物及其繁殖习性数据集 / Dataset of 333 Climbing Seed Plants and Their Reproductive Habits in Karst Seasonal Rain Forest in Nonggang, Guangxi, China

藤本植物是森林物种多样性的重要组分。本数据集在整理历年广西弄岗国家级自然保护区植物采集记录的基础上,结合2013年至2017年开展的路线和样地调查,完成了广西弄岗喀斯特季节性雨林333种藤本种子植物及其繁殖习性数据集。该数据集包括分布在弄岗喀斯特季节性雨林种子藤本植物333种,其中木质藤本126种;草质藤本88种;藤状灌木119种。大多数物种在4-9月开花,7-12月结实,种实类型有浆果、翅果、核果、蒴果、荚果、坚果、蓇葖果、瘦果和裸子植物种子,分别占36.3%、15.3%、13.5%、12.9%、10.5%、7.2%、1.8%、0.9%和1.5%。本数据集包括两部分:(1)广西弄岗喀斯特季节性雨林藤本种子植物组成、开花结实时间、果实类型与生境分布数据,数据栏目包括物种名,科,属、生长季、开花时间,结实时间,果实类型,生境(洼地、坡地、山顶);(2)2015年至2017年间拍摄的实地调查照片12张。该数据集存储为14个文件,.jpg、.pdf和.xlsx格式,数据量为75.7 MB(压缩为1个文件,75.4 MB)。该数据集的分析研究成果已经发表在《植物生态学报》2017年第41卷第7期。

Climbing plant was an important component in species diversity of tropical forest. Based on the records covering the species composition, the habitat and reproductive habitat information of the climbing seed plant in Karst seasonal rain forest in Nonggang, Guangxi, China and the field survey from 2013-2017, it is confirmed that there are total 333 climbing seed plant in this area, including 126 liana, 86 herbaceous vine and 119 bushy rope. Most of these species flowered from April to September and fruited from July to December. There are 9 fruit types that are berry, samara, drupe, capsule, legume, nut, follicle, achene and seed of gymnospermae, respectively share 36.3%, 15.3%, 13.5%, 12.9%, 10.5%, 7.2%, 1.8%, 0.9% and 1.5% of the whole species. Each species had its own preferred habitat. The dataset is consisted of two parts: (1) data covering species composition, flowering time, fruiting time, fruit types and habitat of climbing seed plants in a karst seasonal rain forest in Nonggang, Guangxi, China, including items of Species name, Family, Genus, Growth form, Flowering time (month), Fruiting time (month), Fruit type, Whether it prefers valley, Whether it prefers slope, Whether it prefers peak; (2) twelve photos in the field survey. 

蒋裕良, 向悟生, 王斌, 李冬兴, 何运林, 陈婷, 李先琨 / JIANG Yuliang, XIANG Wusheng, WANG Bin, LI Dongxing, HE Yunlin, CHEN Ting
全球变化数据学报 / Digital Journal of Global Change Data Repository