Khao Chong



In 2000, the Khao Chong Forest Dynamics Plot was initiated under the direction of Sarayudh Bunyavejchewin of the Thai Royal Forest Department. The field crew, led by graduates from Kasetsart University, completed the census of the first 16 ha in 2001, and the total 24-ha census was finished in 2003. The forest is more diverse than expected, the 612 species includes an interesting mix of species typical of forest farther south as well as those in northern regions. The plot encompasses a valley that extends up the side of steep granite and includes ridge forest dominated by massive trees of Dipterocarpus costatus.

A forest phenology study monitoring ~1300 mature trees of ~250 species in and around the study plot has been running since 2001. Khao Chong forest phenology appears to coincide with the "General Flowering" events that occur to the south of peninsular Malaysia.

Other ongoing studies include a study of seedling recruitment of seven dominant species of Dipterocarpaceae in the forest and a study of seasonality of biomass dynamics in the forest.

Support for the project has been provided by the Thai Royal Forest Department, National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan, and the US National Science Foundation.

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Tropical rainforest
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600 x 400
Latitude: 7.543500000000
Longitude: 99.798000000000
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